Members of the HTW Front Door Group


The individuals below are full members of the HTW Front Door Task & Finish Group.

Name Representing
Abigail Phillips Head of the Healthcare Technology Programme, Welsh Government
Andrew Griffiths Director of NHS Wales Informatics Services (NWIS)
Beverly Luchmun Head of NHS R&D Performance and Delivery, Welsh Government
Cally Hamblyn Head of Corporate Governance, Velindre NHS Trust
Cari-Anne Quinn Interim CEO, Life Sciences Hub
Ian Owens Project Manager, HTW
Mark Roscrow Head of Procurement Services, NWSSP
Mel Crisp Head of Life Sciences, Welsh Government
Neil Frow Managing Director, NWSSP
Pete Phillips Director, SMTL
Sian Lewis Managing Director, WHSSC
Steve Ham Chief Executive Officer, Velindre NHS Trust
Sue Bale R&D Director, ABUHB
Susan Myles Director, HTW