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WaitLess app for directing patients to minor injuries care.

November 2019

Machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches for reading microbiology request forms.

November 2019

Digital communication platforms to deliver speech and language therapy for children with speech sound disorders.

November 2019

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Nov 2019

How patients and the public can have their say with Health Technology Wales

It’s important that patients, carers and members of the public can have their say with Health Technology Wales, the national body working to improve the quality of care in Wales.


Oct 2019

Taking research to reality: How the health technology industry has a new route to market in Wales

Do you know a non-medicine health technology or innovative project that can improve the quality of care in Wales?


Why health technology assessment is essential to improving care

We appraise technologies throughout their whole lifecycle, from innovation to obsolescence. This enables key people, like care commissioners, to make evidence-informed decisions based on the clinical and cost effectiveness of a technology.