Evaluating our impact

Health Technology Wales is committed to monitoring and evaluating our work. To do this, we developed an Evaluation Plan and processes to capture data, monitor our outcomes and evaluate what difference our work makes.

Here are some key HTW achievements to date:

topics proposed to HTW 145 topics proposed to HTW
topics progressed to evidence appraisal 21 topics progressed to evidence appraisal
Sources of topic proposals in 2019 Sources of topic proposals in 2019
Appraisal Panel meetings 13 Appraisal Panel meetings
pieces of Guidance published 12 pieces of Guidance published
downloads of our Guidance 397 downloads of our Guidance
unique web visitors 8727 unique web visitors
followers on social media 1103 followers on social media
social media engagements 5366 social media engagements

Last updated 10/03/2020

Latest case studies

Case Study

Jul 2020

Case study: Hydrogen peroxide vapour to reprocess single-use PPE

Our researchers have produced multiple, high-level evidence-based reports for COVID-19 health technologies, known as Topic Exploration Reports (TERs). One of these TERs looked at using hydrogen peroxide vapour to reprocess and decontaminate single-use personal protective equipment (PPE).


Jun 2020

WATCH: How is Health Technology Wales making a difference? Stakeholders have their say

We spoke to five of our stakeholders to see what they thought of Health Technology Wales and our work to improve the quality of care in Wales.

Case Study

Jun 2020

Case study: Convalescent plasma therapy

We produced a Topic Exploration Report (TER) on convalescent plasma therapy for people with COVID-19, which aimed to assess the current level of evidence and highlight ongoing evidence generation.